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The Mixcloud music streaming service works like an ordinary radio, where listeners do not listen to the stations, but to the music, talk shows or podcasts they want. The difference is that no one has to pay a fee to use Mixcloud. However, it is possible to switch from a free basic account to an ad-free subscription. In 2018, Mixcloud also began to roll out the “Mixcloud Select” feature, which allows fans to subscribe directly to channels at a price set by the artists themselves. Mixcloud only sets a minimum monthly cost of 2.99 euros for this purpose.

The success of Mixcloud’s marketing consists of making as many plays, reviews, and breaks as possible for a large number of fans on the platform. At first, this was relatively easy to achieve, but in the meantime, Mixcloud has passed the mark of one million curators. Curators are members who download exhibitions or mixes. The DJ who includes a musician or a band in his tracks and, therefore, in his Mixcloud marketing is precisely that: a promoter who helps the path gain popularity.

For Mixcloud channels and contributions to gain popularity, many plays are needed first. The number of times a mix has been played is publicly visible in the statistics that Mixcloud adds to each post. And of course, Mixcloud’s internal algorithm also records if and how often a mix is played. Whoever succeeds in many plays, rises in the rankings and improves his chances of being recommended by the Mixcloud itself.

For Mixcloud marketing, the question that arises is how to get many plays as quickly as possible after downloading. One of them is as ingenious as it is simple: you can buy Mixcloud plays. Herewith us, as an online marketing agency focused on the creative industry. And exactly the number you need right now to carry out Mixcloud’s statistics.

The reason why no one can avoid buying Mixcloud Plays is evident once they’ve become sufficiently familiar with the platform. The algorithm and the number of existing entries play a role, but the length of the tracks is also crucial. A Mixcloud DJ mix usually has a playback time of one to two hours. So even if a listener were to produce tracks 24 hours a day, this could be a maximum of 12 to 24 tracks. Given the large number of ways added daily, this number is negligible.

To ensure that your contributions in Mixcloud do not rush into the stream unheard, you need to intensify your marketing of Mixcloud. When you buy works from Mixcloud, you set the stage for

more attention,

more followers,

more biologically produced plays.
For unknown DJs, the purchase of Mixcloud Plays is, therefore, an excellent opportunity to get a position, where the community can take note of their contributions. But the big names also benefit because, for every DJ who has already made a name for himself in the music industry, it is, of course, crucial that his success is also visible online. This is made concrete and measured in figures when you buy Mixcloud Plays, if possible, in the amount that corresponds to your previous number of followers or level of popularity.

You should know that such a purchase is not enough to make you a star. It’s merely a matter of showing the way. So even if you buy Mixcloud Plays, you have to stay in the loop and create playlists or songs that are well received and frequently consulted by your audience.

The plays, tastes, and other statistical values displayed in Mixcloud are practically the same as those on the packaging that prompts the discounter to buy a certain product. Make this packaging as attractive as possible through your marketing in Mixcloud so that the community is curious about what is behind this new “product.”

Speaking of attractive: Mixcloud is a platform where the focus is on listening. But that doesn’t mean you can completely neglect the visual aspect of your contributions and your channel in your Mixcloud marketing. This is especially true if, at some point, you have the pleasure of being able to unlock the Mixcloud selection option. Here, you have to present yourself with all the means of art so that your sound mixes are subscribed to with the costs.

Buy Mixcloud plays for your Reach.

We do not yet know when and under what conditions this feature will be activated for everyone. The assumption is that the algorithm will make the preselection here too, because, in the end, the streaming service cannot afford to become a platform for subscriptions that are then played with irrelevant tracks all over the world – even if the Mixcloud itself explicitly does not mediate these subscriptions and does not benefit from them.

Therefore, despite the new features, everything will remain unchanged in the future: Many clues are needed. If they are not yet available or if they are temporarily unavailable, you should adopt the Mixcloud Plays purchase strategy.

Finally, it should be clear: more important than the income you get through Mixcloud is the attention of the community you reach through it. Although it is good that Mixcloud takes care of distributing the royalties and allowing subscriptions to the channels: the income not only comes back to you as the account owner, but is also given to the creators of the music tracks you have included in your mix.

The rest is peanuts – you can take them with you, but you can’t make a living out of them. So, in everything you and your cloud marketing mix do, remember first and foremost that the statistics visible to the public must be accurate. Buying Mixcloud Plays will help you make significant progress in this regard.

You can buy Mixcloud Plays online from registered users of the platform. As soon as you have placed your order, it will be processed, and we will start organizing the plays in the desired way as quickly as possible.

The investment is low compared to other marketing strategies because it starts directly at the source and does not take the form of posters, TV ads, or online banners. If you use this type of advertising media in parallel as part of your marketing, the number of pieces in Mixcloud can also be integrated, of course, is an excellent way to draw more attention to your art.